Rock’s influence on pioneering bands in Japan

Rock is a genre of music that originated in the US western, and Japanese Rock was actually introduced within a decade or two after it was accepted in the United States and Europe. Therefore, Japanese Rock in the late 80s and 90s was directly influenced by the music wave of the 60s and 70s of Western Rock. And Japanese Rock today is still evolving slowly and has an image of the late 80’s. Just like in the US and Europe, there are Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin … paving the way to conquer the world, To inspire the next generation, of course, Japanese Rock also has pioneering bands, many people do not understand it well, they often canonize X Japan as the founder of JRock, but it is really not accurate. . According to some internet documents, it is known that three bands appeared at the same time in the early 1980s. The first was Boowy founded in 82, the second was Buck Tick (1983) and the third was X Japan ( The band formed between 82 and 83, but wasn’t really recognized until 85 years to do something with the first single “I’ll kill you”). Among the bands floating about in the dark sea that people call “rock music”, these 3 groups managed to be more outstanding. How do they do that? And what are the properties they leave us? And where do they stand today in the history of Jrock music? We will list the successes and failures of each band, their contribution and the moment they end right here.

The first formed band was Boowy (1982). Boowy’s music is simple and easy-to-understand melodies of the early 80’s. Not many people listen to Boowy, so when I found information about Boowy I was really confused and difficult because there was only 1- 2 websites are mentioned and analyzed quite … wandering. And the unbelievable fact is that I didn’t find any information about Boowy in English. This is most likely because Boowy’s fanbase was created by the people who were teenagers during Boowy’s creation (which may have been done by grandchildren). These fans are avid loyalists to their idols, as a testament to the success of Boowy, the Boowy website in Japanese still exists, in addition to any compilation or best. Boowy’s albums are still attractive, and are always in the top-selling albums chart. Perhaps we have not discussed the band’s disbandment, but it can be said that Boowy has depressed a large audience because of their extremely old music and so far has not attracted much rockfan.

Boowy was the band that paved the way, and was the most successful at the time. Considered as the pioneering arrow of this new genre in Japan, because they wholeheartedly grasp the basic concepts: What is a rock band and perseverance go all the way to chalk? fight for it. Take for example a number of famous boards at the same time as Boowy such as Unicorn and Red Warriors, who also have the same path but for some reason only Boowy is standing on the spotlight. The name Boowy still lives in the hearts of fans to this day because a lot of fans have been loyal to them for 20 years and the number probably hasn’t stopped (especially for fans of classic rock favorites. affordable). The band’s foothold in the Japanese music scene is known as the first seed planted in the arid desert, and sprouting quite well, they have become a great monument of a viewpoint of life, 1 generation and especially important for a genre of music relatively unknown to Asians at the time.

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