Rock’s influence on pioneering bands in Japan (part 2)

The second Band we could introduce was the Buck-Tick. Also the 1st Band Classic Rock of Japan, they are known as 1 band disliked music and quite conservative. The Buck-Tick very often toured around, so they have a very crowded fan and do not distinguish age. But unlike Boowy, their music doesn’t imply a whole range, it’s enough to appeal to everyone, every age of difference and generation. Because they have found themselves a genre and are not stereotypical in the west. However according to the interview, the Buck-Tick declared that Boowy’s main men and the group suffered a lot of influence.

The fall of the Buck-ticks began when they had major changes, but those changes were not enough “dollars”. Most of their songs have a cohesion and are quite intuitive. Atsushi, vocalist of the group has a deadly glamorous voice, the rest of the members are also “fork”. But, their music is not very distinctive. They captivated and sank in their musical tunes, but the music itself is seemingly unpassionate and salty for them. As a general comment, the dedication of the Buck-ticks to Jrock is a slow-paced go, but it’s not going to make 1 stroll at the top, and then the “garlic” is as fast as the appearance of Boowy. If there is a word to be able to describe the Buck-Tick then that is: Steadfast. Over time until today they are still firmly on the limelight, still the charismatic melody.
As we know or listen well somewhere, X Japan is a very popular and talented band (Tai). The surprising thing is that many people can’t understand why X Japan’s music is popularized every corner and persuasive people like that.

X Japan was not the first band of Japanese Rock as many people mistakenly thought. Boowy founded in 1982, Buck-Tick formed in 1983. The X Japan Group started around 83 but was not officially launched, just the same general workout (rehearse), it was not until 85 band new music actually came out of light with the debut single I’ll Kill You.

X Japan’s music is a well-chosen and selective blend that is a subtle combination of music that carries the mystical influence of the east with metal. Founded in 1982 only known as the simple name X, after a few years the name of the group has slightly changed and is known as X Japan, which reflects the group’s music becoming more popular for the international , and their control range was foreign to Japan. X Japan was the first band of the cherry Blossom country to achieve success outside their country and of course the most successful band.

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