How to buy a cheap Rock CD in Japan in 2020

All the things I experienced, both happy and sad when I groped myself to get the idol’s goods to my hands. For those who are not Japanese, do not live… Read more

Chat with JUNE – Malice Mizer: An Emerald treasure

Tetsu Takano is a Japanese Rock artist. Tetsu is often known as the first vocal life by the legendary music Band Malice Mizer. After leaving Malice Mizer, Tetsu joined Mega8Ball… Read more

Rock’s influence on pioneering bands in Japan (part 2)

The second Band we could introduce was the Buck-Tick. Also the 1st Band Classic Rock of Japan, they are known as 1 band disliked music and quite conservative. The Buck-Tick… Read more

Rock’s influence on pioneering bands in Japan

Rock is a genre of music that originated in the US western, and Japanese Rock was actually introduced within a decade or two after it was accepted in the United… Read more

Biography of Buck-Tick

Buck-Tick (Or BUCK-TICK, pronounced “Bankuchiku”, here meaning “cannon”) is a rock band formed in 1983 in Fujioka, Japan. Atsushi Sakurai (vocals), Hisashi Imai (guitar), Hidehiko Hoshino (guitar), Yutaka Higuchi (bass)… Read more

Japanese rock and mainstream fashion was formed from it

Harajuku fashion trend has had in Japan since the 1970s, it was the heyday of the rock stage. At that time, in Japan Harajuku youths growing up, there is a… Read more